At the start of 2021 we launched SimpleParish, the outcome of two years of strategy, consultation, design, and development.

We've been making parish websites for several years, and along the way we've learned a thing or two about what makes a good one. We all know there are some things that you have to have (like mass times on the home page) – and beyond that there are some things that pretty much every parish needs (online giving, news). But no parish is exactly alike. They all have their special charisms, unique community, and specific goals. So everyone has at least a couple of website needs that not everyone will share.

Until now, the options for parish websites have fallen roughly into two camps – cookie-cutter template sites, or custom sites in a significantly higher budget range. We've made a number of parish sites in the latter category – but we had always hoped to be able to offer a high quality product to parishes with more modest budgets. So we started thinking – what if there was a way to give parishes a lot of the benefits of the custom sites we'd been building, but in a way that let us combine the work efficiently – pushing out improvements and upgrades to a lot of sites at once? This was the beginning of SimpleParish.

Two years of development and strategy later, we've launched a product that lets us give parishes the sites they need in the most efficient way possible, with a unified back-end that covers the majority of the use-cases that we've encountered in the parish world – feeding towards a easily customizable, well-designed front end that allows you to make your identity clear whilst upholding the integrity of the design.

Because SimpleParish is custom-built directly on our experience with parishes, we can offer it at a fraction of the cost of individual custom design because we've learned what most parishes need their site to do, and where each site needs to diverge from others. With that said, every parish is different, and so our back-end is flexible enough to get out of your way when you need to put together a page. And if you need something out of the ordinary, we've built it in such a way that we can add custom pieces on a case-by-case basis – allowing parishes to only pay for the add-on, instead of taking on the budget and timeline of an entirely custom project.

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