We were honored to be engaged to create a new personal website for Cardinal Raymond Burke. His Eminence is often interviewed by the media, and expresses himself officially in various forums, but lacked a way to communicate more personally and directly with the many people who support him and follow his mission. Of particular importance to His Eminence was the faciliation of a kind of dialogue through prayer – allowing people to promise to pray for him, and also to submit their intentions to be remembered in his prayers.

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We built a site around the values of simplicity, tradition, and human warmth – uncluttered and straightforward, but recognizably Roman Catholic and functional.

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The visual template we designed and coded is unique, establishing a visual brand for His Eminence that reflects his identity. The site is fully responsive, working well on all sizes of device.

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The back end of this site was custom-built using Craft CMS. The system we developed allows editors to easily create complex pages that seamlessly fit the overall style of the site. This will make it simple to expand the site as it grows.

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