Diocese of St. Augustine

When the team at the Diocese St. Augustine in Florida got in touch with us they were ready for a new look and new capabilities to reach the people in the over 50 active parishes that they serve, while preserving the history of this diocese in the oldest city in the United States.

As with all our clients, we started by really digging in and getting to know the lay of the land. We read as much as we could about this diocese and it's communities. We talked with the team who we'd be working with and and we tried to get a hold on where they were coming from and where they saw themselves in the future.

We decided an intense brand sprint would give this project a strong start in the right direction. For this, we spent a day with a team of decision makers in the Diocese doing different activities and exercises that helped us hone in on what was important and gave us a foundation and a vision for the entire project. Then we were able to develop a plan to give them the tools they needed to realize that vision.

  1. We created a custom Wordpress theme using Timber and Advanced Custom fields with an array of custom blocks that allows them to extend how they communicate
  2. We created a multisite setup which allows them to spin up new custom sites for departments with all of the features of the main site, and the content from those sites can all be searched and referenced from the main site
  3. We developed a separate intranet site to the allow diocesan employees and volunteers to have quick and easy access to resources that they need

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